What is Jaaxy – The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy Product Review: – Worlds Most Advance Keyword Tool Website: www.jaaxy.com Price: Jaaxy Starter – $0 Jaaxy Pro – $19/month; $199/year Jaaxy Enterprise – $49/month; $499/year Owners: Kyle & Carson Overall Ranking:5 out of 5 Whether you are building an online business from scratch, doing Search Engine Marketing for a client, researching keywords for your local business or … Read more

Facebook Notifications – How to stop them once you’ve commented

How to stop notifications on Facebook

Ok, let me see a show of hands of how many people have commented on a post, image or video only to be inundated with a barrage of notifications from everyone else that has commented? In this quick walk through I’ll show you how you can turn off those notifications so you can get back … Read more

How to Send Voice Message on Facebook

How to Send Voice Message on Facebook

Today on Tip/Trick Tuesday I shared how you can send a voice message on Facebook to family or friends through messaging. A close friend of mine, Lex of www.lexshari.com shared this cool trick with me about 2 months ago and I figured it was high time I shared it with all of you. It seems … Read more

Facebook Seen Feature: More people see it than you think

Facebook Seen Feature

Think no one is “seeing” your post in Facebook Groups? Think again!  Just because they are not in the “seen by” list within your group doesn’t mean they didn’t view it. Find out why the members of your group may be seeing your post and just not responding. I have a Beginners Guide to Facebook … Read more

How to Hide Friends on Facebook – A Quick Step-by-Step Guide with images

No matter what your reason is for hiding your friends list this Guide on How to Hide Friends on Facebook will show you the quickest, easiest way to hide your friend list. There are actually two different ways you can get to the Edit your Privacy Settings for Friends. 1. Make sure you are on … Read more

How to add Pinterest App to Business Page on Facebook

How to Add Pinterest App to Business Page on Facebook

With Pinterest being all the rage now and more and more businesses flocking to it, it’s only fitting to add a Pinterest App to your Business page on Facebook. Here is a quick tutorial along with a video that will walk you through this quick process: Make sure you are logged in as your personal … Read more

FB Influence Review – The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide

Product Review: FB Influence Website: www.fbinfluence.com Price: $97 Owners: Andrea Vahl ~ Sean Malarkey Overall Ranking: 10 out of 10 (Updated Review – August 2015) Before I begin this FB Influence Review I feel that I need to let you in on a little bit about me. I have been doing Internet Marketing since 1999 I graduated Valedictorian of … Read more