What if I told you that you, yes YOU, can build a successful online business around your passions, knowledge, and interest  and make any amount of money that you choose to?

And , no I’m talking talking about joining a MLM or Network Marketing company either. Although, hey if you have one you can also market it through your very own website. But that’s a whole other blog post for a different day. lol

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing?

Maybe you have but are not sure of how it works and how people are making money at it.

The best way to explain Affiliate Marketing is to ask you a question. Have you ever recommended a product, service, movie, or business to your family and friends? I’m sure you have and that’s basically what Affiliate Marketing is. 

You share your experience, through links on your site, with products, services, books, businesses and so on with people online. When they follow that link, your affiliate numbers is attached and if they purchase through your link you get paid! 

I have 3 websites right now that make me money every single month through Affiliate Marketing. 

Are you tired of being taken advantage of for your inexperience and lack of knowledge?

Well I am!

It really upsets me that there are so many people making a killing off of empty promises and preying on those that don’t know any better.

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • Hundreds of downloaded programs
  • “How To” .pdf files coming out of my ears
  • Thousands of emails from self professed “Gurus”
  • Contacts that never contact you back
  • Empty Bank Account
  • Monthly fees for programs that never seem to work
  • Upsells galore
  • Hyped up sales people looking to take more of your money
  • Countless hours of time spent trying to learn Affiliate Marketing and never seem to get any further ahead

This was me Prior to August 2012 🙁

I always knew that you could make money online through Affiliate Marketing but there was always those puzzle pieces I couldn’t seem to find.


I am so excited to tell you about this community of people that are the entire reason I’m finally making money online through affiliate marketing. I wish you could see me right now… I’m like a little kid the day before going to an amusement park. So full of excitement that I feel like I’m going to explode.

Okay, before I explode and tell you about this community can I just say that I have been a part of other communities, as I’m sure many of you have, but I have never felt as welcomed and at home as I do in this place.

You can! And not just one but THOUSANDS of them!

Everyday I get to log in and talk to all these amazing people that are very successful. I get to ask all the burning questions I’ve had for years and I not only get answers but they will direct to a training or a video that has been done that walks me through on how to do it.

One of the things I love about this is you get to check it out for FREE with all sorts of benefits. Before I decided to join the community and get all the other benefits I wanted to give it a test run.

It took me all of 2 days to figure out that there was something different about this place.

It was nothing like all the rest. Check out what you get with just the FREE account…

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options


Okay…Okay…Okay I’ll go ahead and reveal to you which community it is.

It’s this amazing community called Wealthy Affiliate where everything you need to succeed with your online business is right at your fingertips.

Seriously ya’ll, this is the only place you need to be. From live support, reading others blogs of what has worked and not worked, training, keyword research, websites, hosting, video tutorials and a community of people that genuinely want to see you succeed this should be the first and last place you end up.

Here’s what I want you to do. Don’t take my word for it try it yourself:

  1. Sign up for the Free account
  2. Find my profile and say “Hi”
  3. Check out the site
  4. Ask questions (I’m here to help you)


In the meantime, we all have our reasons “why” we want to be successful at Affiliate Marketing. I’d love to hear what your reason is.

If you share with me I’ll share with you. 😉