About LivinLyfe Marketing

LivinLyfe Marketing is all about helping businesses strengthen their online presence through  Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing.

Have you noticed the butterflies on the page? We like to think of your business as a butterfly and we are here to help strengthen the wings of your businesses online.
Did you know that when a butterfly is trying to free itself from the chrysalis there is a struggle that takes place? It’s during this struggle that their wings are strengthened and once the blood is flowing it is then ready to fly.

Your business is like that butterfly.

The butterfly goes through 4 stages; The Egg Stage, Caterpillar Stage, Chrysalis Stage and finally the Butterfly Stage. Believe it or not your business online goes through the same stages. It is our passion & purpose  here at LivinLyfe Marketing to help you determine which stage of the process your business is at, lay out a plan that will strengthen the wings of your business and take that struggle you have been  experiencing and turn it into a beautiful butterfly you can watch soar online.