Who Am I?

Hey Everyone! Audrey Here...

Do you remember when you were around 11 – 14 yrs old? 

Your worries probably consisted of going to school, doing homework, a few chores, being in before the streets lights came on and getting along with your brothers and sisters.

Well I had to do all of these PLUS sit at a Texas Instrument/ Dell Computer learning DOS, among many other things (way back in the 80′s). I would have to sit there and listen to my Dad explain all about these computers I had no interest in at all. All while listening to my friends outside laughing, playing and having a great time.

Flash forward to 1999, my older sister lands a huge contract with a national Vacation Rental Management Company and they need help with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She hires me to learn all about SEO and to rank their 17 Vacation Rental Properties & Real Estate Offices, located throughout the United States, on the major search engines.

Ever hear of Lycos, AltaVista, InfoSeek or how about HotBot? Yep, those were THE Search Engines of the day.

I not only ranked these sites but 95% of them were ranking on the first page and majority of them sat at number one. I did it by putting myself in the shoes of the person at the other end of the computer.

I never wanted to bait someone with keywords that were not relevant to the page. 

It pays to be honest

This was such a huge accomplishment for me and I found that I really enjoyed Search Engine Optimization. I continued to do this over the years for our clients but then felt called to homeschool my three children. So I did some freelance work on the side and home schooled my children.

Now remember my Dad? Making me sit at the computer in my younger years. Well he always told me about this Affiliate Marketing, where people were selling other companies products and making a percentage off of what they sold.

I took his advice and started a website that showcased products from other companies and when someone would order off my site, the order was sent directly to the company and they would ship it out. It’s what is known as Dropshipping. I put a lot of work into this site to make very little money so I stopped and figured that this sort of making money online was not for me.

Let’s fast forward again to 2009, I’ve home schooled my kids, only home schooling one of them at the time but I feel like my life is passing me by so I decide to take classes online to get a degree in something that I was very passionate about…Internet Marketing!
I graduated from Full Sail University in Feb. 2011, went on umpteen number of interviews to be turned down by every single one of them. So my sister (the one that hired me way back in 99′) and I figured we’d start our own company offering clients everything from Web Design, Hosting to Internet Marketing and that’s exactly what we did.

Then my life changed completely!

The day was August 9, 2012, my birthday, when I received the call that my brother passed away of cancer. As a woman of faith I rejoiced knowing that my brother was finally home with our creator as well our beloved Mom who had passed away of cancer back in 2006.

I had just spent a week with my brothers and sisters reminiscing, laughing, joking, crying and praying that our brother would be able to beat this cancer. I remember giving him a hug, knowing in my heart it would be the last time I saw him alive on this earth, and I told him that I was expecting a call on my birthday letting me know that he got up out of that bed and walked out a healed man.  It’s funny because he did exactly that, got out of the bed and went home to be with the Lord a healed man…on my birthday!! :)

This hit me like a ton of bricks…life really is to short to allow fear to hold you back. In a blink of an eye we can be gone.

From that day forward I purposed in my heart to do all I could to fulfill the dreams I have. I felt led to revisit this whole Blogging, SEO, and Affiliate Marketing thing and can I just say that I am so glad I listened to that still small voice (The Holy Spirit) and of course (my Dad’s voice lol)

I’ve been making money online ever since…

and now I’m sharing it with you, my sisters. 

It’s funny…that little girl back in the 80′s is now doing the very thing her Dad wanted her to do from the very beginning. 

It really is the circle of life. 

Be Blessed,