1:1 SEO Training

I’m Brain Dumping 20 Years of Experience in 8 Hours! 

Who has time to learn all there is to know about SEO? You need to know what you need to know and start ranking your site. 

This Intensive H.O.T. (Hands-on-Training) will lay the foundation, and give you the EXACT Roadmap to Rank your site on the first page of Google!

Dear Small Business Owner, Freelancer or Anyone Looking to Rank Their Website on the First Page of Google

Do you ever wish there was just one place, or one person you could go to and learn all you needed to know about SEO and increasing traffic to your site?

Someone that would take you by the hand, help you create strategies that get real results and then help you implement these strategies? 

Well, NOW there is!

After years of clients (and friends) asking me to put together a one-on-one training so they can learn everything about SEO…I’m finally doing it. 

Now you can learn the exact same process I use every single time to consistently rank not only my client’s sites but also my affiliate sites on the first page of Google.  

STOP guessing your way through the SEO process and START increasing traffic to your site!

Let me teach you my PROVEN step-by-step approach to increasing your sites traffic through Search Engine Optimization. The SAME STEPS I’ve used for years to rank thousands of web pages on Google!

My SEO Process is based on 20 years of experience plus thousands of hours of learning and implementation of processes. 

One of the BIGGEST struggles most online businesses have is that they are not getting the traffic to their site they thought they would. That whole Build it and they will come doesn’t work online…unless you get the word out about it and then they will come!

You can build a beautiful website with the best copywriting on it, but if you don’t have traffic to your site, you’re not making any sales and just spinning your wheels!

This personal one-on-one customized coaching session will teach you all the strategies, shortcuts, ninja moves (not really but I figured I’d throw that word in here somewhere 😉 I use all the time to rank web pages for multiple keyword phrases. 

Not only will you learn the specifics on ranking your web site, but you’ll also learn my simple step-by-step strategies on coming up with fresh content ideas for years to come. 

After all…Content has and will forever me KING when it comes to ranking our sites. 

Stop the Insanity! No MORE…

  • Wasting precious time watching hours of videos you can’t even understand
  • Being taught all the black hat strategies that only tank your site in the future
  • Confusion about what all this SEO Jargon means
  • Banging your head up against a wall trying to come up with content ideas
  • Wondering what really needs to be done to rank your site
  • Going at it alone
  • Hiring a SEO company that promises the world and delivers you rocks

A simple SEO Process taught to you so that you can rank your web pages on the First Page of Google – every time!

1:1 Intensive - What You'll Learn

Learn What's Holding Your Site Back From Ranking

This site analysis gives me all the information needed to come up with a strategy for our time together and an implementation plan.

Discover the keywords that your potential customers are using to find your site

You'll learn how to choose keywords that have high search volume and low competition so that you can easily rank on the first page.

Make sure your site comply's with Google's Proven Ranking Factors

Titles, Descriptions, Headings and Tags OH MY! You'l learn what they all mean and how they play a major part in SEO and ranking your site?

Solve Your Customers Need/Wants through your Content

You'll learn the steps I take to write content my readers are waiting for and how these blog posts work together to get you on the 1st page of Google.

Solve Your Customers Need/Wants through your Content

One of Google's ranking factors is how your site loads and looks on Mobile. You'll learn how to make your site load FAST!

Know exactly where your site is ranking and the leads you're receiving

Get the inside scoop or which programs and tools the SEO Professionals are using to track their ROI, rankings, and leads.

Bonus: Additional Support PLUS Website Strategies that will convert readers into LOYAL CUSTOMERS!

For the first 8 people who sign up for this one-on-one SEO Intensive – Roadmap to Ranking 

These Valuable Bonuses include:

  • 2 Additional Hours of 1:1 coaching and answering questions that may come up
  • A detailed Usability Report that will ensure your website is reaching it’s marketing goals

I am literally going to walk you through every step of the way to ranking your site. You will have the very templates, checklists, and guides that help me to have a workflow that is Google friendly and easy to follow!

Who this is for…

  • Someone who knows the importance of ranking their site
  • Someone who wants to increase traffic to their site
  • Someone who doesn’t want to be beholden to a SEO Company
  • Someone who knows that SEO is a process and takes time to rank in Google
  • Someone who wants to learn white-hat SEO and cut out all the other noise
  • Someone who wants an expert to walk them through the process so they don’t waste anymore time

Who this is not for…

  • Someone who thinks they know it all and will not take direction
  • Someone who thinks they should be given things for free
  • Someone who doesn’t appreciate the time & money invested in learning SEO
  • Someone who is stuck in learning everything and will not apply it
  • Someone who is not willing to put in the work and get things done

Are You Ready?

To rank multiple pages of your site on the first page of Google.  – To increase your site’s traffic – To generate more leads – To gain loyal customers – To Build Authority – To Gain Visibility on the major Search Engines

What are you waiting for? Let’s jump on a call and nail down the date you want to start!