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while you run your business!

Let’s face it…you’re a business owner, you have clients to meet with, sales to make, meetings to attend, and people to manage. 

You don’t have time for SEO nor trying to learn it and you definitely don’t need another thing on your plate! 

Dear Small Local Business

When it comes to marketing your business online, you already know how important it is to be on the first page of Google. 

Maybe you know and understand it, but do you know just how crucial it really is? 

Just to give you an idea 93% of online experiences begin with a Search Engine. So of the billions of people that get online 93% of their experience starts with a search of some sort. 

Now, statistics is not my strongest point, as a matter of fact when I was going to get my Bachelor of Science Degree in Internet Marketing, my statistics class was the one class that kept me from getting that 4.0. 

BUT… I know this…93% is a big number and knowing that many people begin their experience online with a search I know your site needs to be visible. 

Here’s another statistic that really hits home to the fact that you MUST be doing SEO in order to increase visibility and traffic to your site. 


Think about it! When was the last time you scrolled past those 10 websites on the first page of Google? The only time I do is when I’m researching for clients or doing my own research on something I really want to know about. 

Now that you know these important statistics what can you do about it?

I’m glad you asked. 🙂 

Let us do all your SEO for you while you run your business!

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Learn What's Holding Your Site Back From Ranking

This is where it all begins! We will start out with an in-depth look at your site, links, technical stuff and put together a plan of attack.

Discover the keywords that your potential customers are using to find your site

I can't stress enough how important this component is. We'll find the keywords your targeted audience is looking for & rank your site for those.

Make sure your site comply's with Google's Proven Ranking Factors

Titles, Descriptions, Headings and Tags OH MY! We will take care of everything Google deems to be a ranking factor on your site.

Solve Your Customers Need/Wants through your Content

Oh, how I LOVE this part. Find out the needs of your potential clients, write a bang-up blog post for them, interlink it all and BAM! You're Ranking!

Ensure Your Site is Mobile Friendly - After all it is one of Google's ranking factors

One of Google's ranking factors is how your site loads and looks on Mobile. We'll make sure it loads FAST! It's up to your web designer to make sure it looks great. 😉

Know exactly where your site is ranking and the leads you're receiving

If you're investing your money into me and my company it's only right you get to see that ROI. Log-in to your customized Portal and view Ranking Reports, Analytics, Work done, and much more!

What My AMAZING Clients Are Saying About Their NO WORRIES! Package

“Our traffic has tripled since Audrey has been doing our SEO and the sales keep flowing in. This has been the best investment we have done and to grow our local business. We have had to hire a whole new crew to keep up with the business"
JMT Cabinet Client
Jim & Melissa Trenary
Owners of JMT Cabinets
"As a Local Home Inspector, I wanted to transition from average size homes to New Construction and luxury homes. Audrey was able to rank my site number 1 on Google Maps and on the regular search. I am now doing both of these sorts of inspections "
Bill Ostoyic
Owner, All American Property Insepctions
"We are a non-profit organization that needed help ranking our site. We wanted to let veterans know about the two Armed Forces Retirement Homes they have access to. Because of LivinLyfe Marketing we have more veterans coming to our site and looking for more information”
ranking enlisted lands
Ray Ross
Founder, Enlisted Lands