How to Stop Videos from Automatically Playing on Facebook

How to stop videos from automatically playing on facebook

Stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook and save yourself some money by lowering your data usage on your phone. Yes, you read that right. Did you know that when using the Facebook app on your smart phone or tablet, those videos that automatically play in your news feed, could be making your data consumption […]

Facebook Notifications – How to stop them once you’ve commented

How to stop notifications on Facebook

Ok, let me see a show of hands of how many people have commented on a post, image or video only to be inundated with a barrage of notifications from everyone else that has commented? In this quick walk through I’ll show you how you can turn off those notifications so you can get back […]

How to Block and Unblock Someone on Facebook

How to Block Someone on Facebook

Blocking someone on Facebook does not necessarily mean that all communication and interactions stop. Find out how to block and unblock someone from Facebook and what it really means to block someone. For all my Visual Learners out there… When you block someone from Facebook they can no longer: See things you post on your […]

How to earn money in Blogging – When just starting out

One of the questions I get asked all the time by family and friends is how can they earn money in blogging? They’ve heard about blogging, some have even created a blog, picked a theme and have content written but just are not sure how to monetize it.  I figured I’d put together a quick […]

How to Add Image to WordPress Post

How to Add an Image to Wordpress Post or Page

I put these step-by-step instructions together for some friends of mine that have a website on how to add an image to a WordPress post or page. I know how frustrating it can be to just add a simple image so hopefully with this tutorial it will make it a lot easier for you. To begin, […]

How to Make Your Own Free Website

Did you ever think that one day you would be able to make your own free website, do it within 3 clicks, under 5 minutes and have access to thousands of Free web designs? If you would have asked me this questions 10 years ago I would  have told you that you’re nuts and there […]

Create Compelling Content for your Blog

One of the many things I struggle with is creating compelling content for my blogs. I have 5 of them altogether and I’m not going to lie, it can be a very daunting task to come up with compelling content for each site. When I came across this infographic on “22 Ways to Create Compelling […]

How to do keyword research

In this training I’m going to show you how I do my keyword research to find a niche market. The difference between Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords Before we move on I think it’s best that I explain to you the difference between short and long tail keyword phrases. You’ll understand why as we […]

How to Easily Sell Items on eBay

As a homeschooling mom you get really proficient at buying and selling curriculum online. My website of choice was always eBay because it seemed that it had more traffic then other sites and garnered me more money for my books. 😉 Due to circumstances beyond my control I had put my 3 children back in […]