How to Stop Videos from Automatically Playing on Facebook

Stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook and save yourself some money by lowering your data usage on your phone.

Yes, you read that right.

Did you know that when using the Facebook app on your smart phone or tablet, those videos that automatically play in your news feed, could be making your data consumption go through the roof? In a recent article by CBS, a Facebook representative stated that if you just scroll past the videos you will use very little data but if you stop to watch those videos then you would be using more data.

You can read that article here but I want to show you how you can turn this auto play feature off on your desktop, Android and iPhones.

Walk through video of How to Stop Videos from automatically playing on Facebook

Turn off Auto Play on your Desktop

Even though using Facebook on your desktop has nothing to do with your data package it can still be a nuisance when videos automatically start playing. And let’s be honest, half of those videos you probably didn’t even want to see.

1. Go to Settings ~ Click on the down arrow located at the top right of Facebook

Facebook Settings

2. Select Videos ~ Click on Videos located to the left of your screen

Facebook Videos

3. Turn off Auto-play Videos ~ Under Video Settings choose the dropdown arrow to the right of Auto-play Videos and select Off.


Disable Auto play on an Android

If you are using an Android, have the Facebook App installed and want to save your data usage then follow these simple steps. You have the option to leave auto-play on, turn it off altogether or have the videos play ONLY when you are using wifi so it doesn’t use any of your cellular data.

1. Open the Facebook app and click on the Menu Button ~ You’ll find this at the top right corner of your Facebook app. After you select the menu scroll down till you see App Settings and click on that. This should be under Help & Settings.


Disable Auto Play Videos on an Android

2. Scroll down and click on Video Auto-play ~ this will be located under General Settings an on my phone it was almost at the bottom of all the settings.

Disable Auto play on your android

3. Select which option you want ~ When you have the videos set to Auto play, then your data usage can and probably will increase. If you turn the auto play off then you have the choice whether to play the video and use your data package or not to play it at all. If you select the Wi-fi only then those videos will only play when your phone is connected to a wifi, therefore not depleting your data usage and allowing you to see all the videos.

Auto play On, Off or Wifi

Disable Auto play on an iPhone

1. Go to your phone or tablet’s settings, scroll down and tap on Facebook

Disable auto play on iphone


2. Tap on Settings

Disable auto play on iphone

3. Tap on  Auto-play

Disable auto play on iphone

4. Choose an option and tap on it.  ~ Same thing applies here…if you choose “On” your videos will automatically play and can increase your data usage. By choosing “Wi-fi only” it will only play when you are connected to a wifi and when you choose “Off” you have the choice to either watch the video or not.

Disable Auto Play on iphone

I actually put together this Tip/Trick Tuesday while helping my sister after her surgery and she had no idea that by allowing those videos to play in her newsfeed while using the FB app she was using up her cellular data. If this tip has helped you why not share it with others and help me get the word out about this.

I know it will help her and I know it could help so many others.

If you have a question or have found a cool tip/trick you’d like me to share with others let me know in the comments below.

Be Blessed,



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