Master Resell Rights vs Affiliate Marketing

Master Resell Rights vs Affiliate Marketing

If you are new to the world of “making money online” and “side hustles”, then I know you’ve been hearing a lot about Master Resell Rights (made popular by The Roadmap in my opinion) and Affiliate Marketing. 

It’s super easy to get them confused because you have so much coming at you while you’re scrolling through Instagram and TikTok. 

Since 1999, I’ve witnessed so many affiliate programs along with PLR & MRR product websites that I figured I’d try to shed some light on both so that you can better understand the differences.

Let’s start with Affiliate Marketing since it has 823,000 searches a month. (This is how my SEO brain works, how many searches is a keyword phrase, getting a month) SMH

Let’s Chat About Affiliate Marketing – What is it?

How Affiliate Marketing works

Join – Promote – Make & Track Sale – Earn Commission

The simplest way I can explain affiliate marketing is when you join an affiliate program you’ll receive a link with your affiliate code attached to it. When you share that link to a product, physical or digital, on your website, in an email, on social media or even through print advertising, and when someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, YOU GET A COMMISSION!

The Commission is based on the affiliate agreement but could be anywhere from 1% – 75%. Whatever that number is, you get that amount based on the purchase price of that product. 

EXAMPLE: I’m an Amazon Affiliate (Associate is actually what they call us). Their top Fixed Commission Rates are as follows:

Amazon Games


Luxury Beauty, Luxury Stores Beauty, Amazon Explore


Digital Music, Physical Music, Handmade, Digital Videos


So, basically, if you are a gamer and you want to start promoting Amazon Games, you could get 20% of each of the sales you make from your affiliate link. 

If you’re into beauty and luxury brands, you’ll be receiving 10% for all luxury beauty items you send over to Amazon and they make a purchase. 

The cool thing with Amazon and a lot of the other Affiliate Programs that I’m sure you’ll be joining is that once that customer clicks on YOUR link, not only do you receive a portion of the sales for that particular product you linked too, you’ll also receive a commission from the entire purchase

Of course Amazon is NOT the only place you can become an affiliate, it’s just the easiest when first starting out. There are millions of businesses that offer their own affiliate programs. You can find out more about Affiliate Marketing in this Beginners Guide

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

No, it should not cost you a thing. You are the one promoting the product, you shouldn’t have to pay to promote a company’s products. I mean think about it…if it wasn’t for you, the coach, creator, blogger, or leader, sharing their products with your following, they would be spending a lot more money on ads and marketing campaigns. I can assure you of that. 

Here’s some mind boggling statistics for ya when it comes to Affiliate Marketing (even though I HATED taking a statistics class in college, I LOVE statistics for marketing)!

  • 81% of brands around the world now have affiliate programs.

  • 38% of marketers list affiliate marketing as their biggest marketing channel.

  • 64.48% of affiliate marketers generate traffic via blogging.

Zippia. “30 Incredible Affiliate Marketing Statistics [2023]: Facts About Affiliate Marketing In The U.S.” Sep. 10, 2023,

Let’s Chat About Master Resell Rights (MRR) – What is it?

With a monthly search total of 9,900, this keyword phrase is climbing the charts FAST! 

Master Resell Rights (MRR) is a LICENSE, at its core, that allows the purchaser to resell a product such as a course, ebooks, software, or other materials to their customers for 100% profit (unlike affiliate marketing where you only profit on a percentage of the sale) as well as the ability to give their customers the rights to resell it as their own. 

Even though Master Resell Rights has been on the scene for years, it’s just now really catching on since so many people are talking about it on Instagram and TikTok. 

Master Resell Rights can save you so much time, energy, and money, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long to take off. 

EXAMPLE: You own a website, much like this one you’re reading right now 😉, where you blog about creating a blog, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to rank your blogs, plus you’re sharing how you can make money from your blogs through affiliate marketing. 

You realize that your students and those following you want to scale up their business and really go all in so they can supplement their income or do this full-time.

Instead of going through the process of creating a whole new course that would take you MONTHS, HOURS, and MONEY to complete, you could just find a digital product, like The Roadmap Master Resell Rights, a Digital Marketing Course that aligns with your brand and values.

This way, you can rebrand it, offer it as part of your product suite, make 100% profits off the sales and you’ve made money while giving your customers an amazing course that will lead them through the process of growing their online business. 

Does it cost anything for Master Resell Rights (MRR)

Yes, it does, but you pay once, it’s yours, and you can sell it for 100% Profits. Now the price is all dependent on the product you are purchasing. For me, I purchased a Digital Marketing Course that teaches you all about automation, email marketing, funnel building, branding and so much more for $497 and now I make $497 every single time someone purchases this course from me. 

Psst…if you’re looking to learn High Income Skills, build an online business or scale your online business…you’ll definitely want to check out this course and community here

Master Resell Rights vs Affiliate Marketing – Learn The Differences

💰 Investment: MRR often requires an initial purchase to acquire the reselling rights. In contrast, affiliate marketing usually involves no upfront costs, but remember, you’re working on commission.

💵 Earnings: With MRR, every sale is yours to pocket since you’re selling the product. Meanwhile, affiliate marketing gives you a slice of the pie for every sale you refer to.

💪Flexibility: MRR lets you set your prices (you’ll need to read the license agreement on setting the price for each MRR product you purchase) and marketing tactics. In affiliate marketing, you’re promoting someone else’s product under their terms.

🎮 Product Control: With MRR you have control over the product’s delivery, presentation, and sometimes even its content (depending on the rights). You may have the option to bundle it with other products or offer it as a bonus. However, with Affiliate Marketing you’re limited to promoting the product as it is. Modifications, bundling, or custom offers are typically not within your purview.

💕 Customer Interaction: With MRR you handle customer queries, complaints, and feedback directly, which can be both a benefit (direct feedback) and a challenge (more management). On the other hand, with Affiliate Marketing, the product creator or company handles customer support, freeing you from this responsibility.

💲 Recurring Revenue: Typically, products purchased with Master Resell Rights are sold once to a customer. To generate recurring revenue, you’d need to consistently find new customers or products. With Affiliate Marketing, if you’re promoting subscription-based products or services, you can earn recurring commissions as long as the customer stays subscribed.

Which one should you do?

I wholeheartedly believe you should DO BOTH!

Diversifying can offer a broader income stream and both of these can come so naturally as you grow your online business. 

For me, I found that MRR gives me a sense of product ownership, while affiliate marketing lets me tap into my passion for sharing cool finds.

Both have significant earning potential. With MRR, your product might become a hit, and with affiliate marketing, those commissions can be substantial, especially with high-ticket items.

In the end, whether you’re leaning towards MRR, affiliate marketing, or are tempted by both (like yours truly), the online world offers ample room to play, innovate, and earn. Dive in, test the waters, and find what aligns with your entrepreneurial spirit.

Got thoughts or want to add to the discussion? Share away below. Let’s continue on this digital journey together!

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  1. I am so happy I found your site. I am just starting and I would like to do both, MRR and affiliate marketing. Would you recommend just one site?

    1. Hey Maria,
      How exciting! You’re gonna love both. My initial response is to definitely just keep it to one site, especially if you are just starting out. Having more than one site can be overwhelming and you’ll get burned out quickly. To truly answer your question though I’d love to hear more about your goals and what you are thinking about doing? There are so many aspects to digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and this new (yet old 😉) MRR Products. I’d be happy to jump on a call with you if you’d like or you can always respond right here.
      BTW, the MRR product you’re looking at, would it happen to be The Roadmap?
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