The Roadmap With Master Resell Rights

What is The Roadmap With Master Resell Rights?

The Roadmap, formerly known as “The Roadmap to Riches” is a Digital Marketing Course that teaches high income skills to build, grow, and scale any online business.

The course is comprehensive and delivered in over 130 (and growing) step-by-step training videos.

No stone is left unturned, from showing you how to find your niche, to managing your new email campaign as well as building a funnel.

Table of Contents

With The Roadmap you never have to worry about any UPSELLS!

Unfortunately, in today’s online marketing landscape it is all about upselling everything and seeing customers as just a $ sign, and not giving 2 cents whether the customers actually succeed or not from the digital product being offered.

Opposite of that marketing approach, the creators of The Roadmap, Zach and Hannah, do not believe in upselling, and on top of that they actually care about the success of their members.

Not only are their members not subjected to upsells within their course, they are constantly updating their course material to keep it current and relevant, with no extra charge.

Y’all…they are the real deal!

Zach and Hannah’s vision was to build a better experience for everyone online when it comes to business development, marketing, and automation. (Boy are they doing this across the digital marketing landscape) ❤️

It is extremely rare to find an all encompassing online marketing course costing less than a thousand dollars, let alone one with owners who are truly invested in their product(s).

I think I resonate with both of them soooo much because I’ve seen the ugly side of niche marketing campaign’s selling you on how to “make money online”, and it has always made my stomach turn.

They are a breath of fresh air in this industry and I’m so excited and grateful to them for creating such an amazing course and community.

Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes.

All members of The Roadmap have exclusive access to a FREE private community where you can collaborate, discuss, and grow with like-minded individuals!

As if all of that is not enough, it also comes with Master Resell Rights which I’ll explain after you’re up to speed on The Roadmap.

Before we move on, I just want to say that in the past 24 years I’ve helped hundreds of clients with their SEO, while doing my own blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

During that time I have purchased MANY courses, and have paid to be a part of many communities and memberships.

I have also invested large sums of money into my Digital Marketing learning, most of which went towards a $40K Bachelor of Science Degree in Internet Marketing,

I tell you that because, after going through all of those programs I started to get a sense of whose heart was in the right place and cared about their customers, and those who were only focused on profits and materialistic things, not their customers.

I mention the $40K spent on a degree only to let you know that this course provides College level material, but even better.

A college education will provide you with more of a macro level understanding of digital marketing, whereas this training gets into the nitty gritty of online marketing, SHOWING you how to put your newfound skills into use on YOUR OWN business.

To be completely honest, I purchased this course back in June because I have always struggled with integrating three critical marketing tools into my business, which are: funnel creation, automation, and email marketing.

For some reason, I’ve always held myself back when it came to funnel creation, automation, and email marketing, so I thought, why not give this course a shot and see if I can master them?

WELLLLL, let me just say…

I’m blown away by the skills I’ve learned (and continue to learn) from this course, and can say without hesitation they have already had a profound impact on the success of my online business ventures.

As advertised, the training was comprehensive and easy to follow, and the thriving community is made up of selfless and supportive members.

To my surprise, I was introduced to game changing marketing tools I’d never come across before.

No matter how long someone has been in this game, it’s always exciting to come across new tools that can automate processes and reduce your workload.

What I appreciate about this course is that, be it the newfound marketing tools or the expertise I’ve honed, they are easily applied to all of my online business endeavors.

What You’ll Love About The Roadmap

🌟 Beginner-Friendly Approach: Even if you are completely new to the online business world, your covered. From branding to email marketing, every module is designed with beginners in mind.

🌟 100% Profits: Purchase once and resell endlessly, pocketing every dollar you make.

🌟 Instant Payments: Say goodbye to waiting around. The moment someone buys from you, the profit is in your account.

🌟 No Upsells: What you see is what you get. No hidden costs or additional purchases required.

🌟 No Monthly Fees: Enjoy the benefits of ‘The Roadmap’ with a one-time investment, and reap the rewards forever.

🌟 Not MLM: This is your individual journey to success, no multi-level hierarchies or recruitment needed.

🌟 Not Affiliate Marketing: This is all about your product, your brand. No need to rely on selling others’ products.

🌟 No Ranks: Your success is not measured by ranks or levels. It’s all about your journey, your pace.

🌟 Master Resell Rights Certificate: Empowering you with the legal authority to rebrand and resell, giving you true ownership.

🌟 A Supportive Community: You’re not alone on this journey. Join a vibrant community of fellow learners, mentors, and success stories, all cheering you on.

🌟 Continuous Training: The digital world evolves, and so will your training. With lifetime access, you’re always in the loop.

Your dream of making passive income, finding fulfillment, and enjoying life again is just around the corner.

You’ll Learn These High Income Skills

Introduction to Internet Marketing

New to Digital Marketing? Perfect! This course is just for you. Follow along as you learn all about this side of the Internet

How to Build Your Brand (This is college level stuff)

You'll learn how to craft your Mission, Vision, and Values Statement so that your Brand stands out.

How to Setup Your Website/Sales Funnels

This is where the fun begins. It's also where the rubber meets the road and how you make your sales!

How to Optimize Your Sales Process

Learn all the ways to Drive Sales & Optimize your Sales Process

Email Marketing (A Must for Businesses)

Learn how to automate your sales process with follow up emails to your customers

Branding Expansion (Next Level Branding)

Take your brand to the next level by following these steps to set yourself apart from the crowd

Social Media Marketing & Content Creation

Master the art of crafting compelling content and learn the strategies to harness the power of social media for your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Discover how to optimize your website to rank higher in search engine results, driving free & targeted traffic to your online business.

Business Tools (To help grow your Business)

Equip yourself with the essential digital tools that streamline your business operations, enhance productivity, and lead to success.

Platforms to Market On (Explode Your Business)

Explore the key marketing platforms that offer the best opportunities for your business, and how to effectively market on them.

Success Mindset (Mastering Your Mindset)

Uncover the mindset secrets of successful entrepreneurs, learning how to overcome challenges and maintain motivation on your journey to financial freedom.

BEST Community That Helps & Cheers You On – This community is like nothing you’ve seen before. People actually help you and don’t gatekeep anything. It’s truly amazing and something you’ll have to see to believe. COME JOIN US!Now that you know what the course is all about and what you can expect…

Let’s Chat About Those Master Resell Rights (MRR)

The crazy thing is I heard about Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights back in 2004 when my Dad, who was a Visionary & Entrepreneur himself, called to tell me to look into it.
My Dad in his red convertible.

He told me it  was going to be the next best thing to Affiliate Marketing.  

The problem that I found back then was the ebooks, programs, courses, and memberships were all JUNK. They were thrown together, regurgitated content that had one purpose …don’t care who gets scammed just make the money!

I couldn’t resell that garbage so I never moved forward with any of it. 

Fast forward almost 20 YEARS LATER, needless to say when I first heard about The Roadmap with Master Resell Rights I sort of rolled my eyes and thought, here we go again. 

I am soooo glad I didn’t let past experiences stop me from trying ONE MORE TIME!

So basically Master Resell Rights is a license agreement that gives YOU the customer the right to sell the product PLUS you pass on the rights for your customer to resell it and give the resell rights to their customers. 

You purchase the product, in this case The Roadmap, ONCE and then you can resell it as your own for 100% profit on every single sale. 

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to master resell rights is that each creator sets in place their own distribution license that lays out what you CAN and CAN NOT do with the product. 

So, for the Roadmap what are those distribution rights that Zach and Hannah have in place?

Things you CAN do with The Roadmap

    1. Since you own the product you can download all the videos and upload them to your own website or a different platform like teachable, kajabi, or
    2. You can host your own community, name that community whatever you’d like but the course name still remains The Roadmap.
    3. You can rebrand the course to your branding palette. So change the color, the fonts, and the content around how you sell it.
    4. Sell it outright as a course without offering the Master Resell Rights or community
    5. Sell it on Etsy or any other platform

Things you can NOT do with The Roadmap:

  1. If you decide to create your own community your customers will not have access to The Roadmap Community that Zach and Hannah have created. This community has over 16,000 members (as of October 2023) so you definitely want to weigh the pros and cons of having your own community vs just having your customers join this one.
  2. You can NOT rename the course. However, you can promote it like The Roadmap with Audrey.
  3. You can NOT charge less than $497
  4. You can NOT offer a money make guarantee
Keep in mind that you are building YOUR business, so every customer is YOURS, every purchase is made to YOU, customer service is your responsibility even though if you choose to use their community your customers will have that access but they are YOUR customer.

Is the Roadmap a Scam?

If it’s a scam than my $40,000 Bachelor of Science Degree in Internet Marketing was a scam.

Here’s the deal…I’ve gone to college in this field, I’ve purchased THOUSANDS of Dollars worth of courses, memberships, and programs and The Roadmap is one of the BEST courses to learn about Digital Marketing. 

From niche selection to marketing strategies, you’ll have a clear roadmap with detailed instructions on how to build your very own online business.

The content is COLLEGE level y’all, trust me I know.

I still have all my course work that I did for college. The worst part about College is that we never worked on our OWN business. It was all about working for a company and not yourself.

The Roadmap teaches you the skills you’ll need if you do want to work for a company, build your own business around the skills you learn, or you have a Done-For-You Course with FREE community that you can learn from and resell. 

So, NO it’s definitely not a scam. 

But I will say, it takes A LOT of work, persistence, and a bull dog tenacity to not quit or give up. You have to be committed and remember that you are learning high dollar skills that Fortune 500 companies are paying top dollar for.

Should You Buy The Roadmap

That is going to be entirely up to You!


If you have been wanting to learn Digital Marketing and how to grow a business online…The Roadmap is for you!

If you have an online business that you are solely responsible for growing…The Roadmap is for you!

If you are looking to up your game and learn new skills…The Roadmap is for you!

If you have been looking for a HIGH Quality, Done-for-You course you can resell…The Roadmap is for you!

If you are looking to make passive income…The Roadmap is for you!

If you are looking to supplement or replace your income…The Roadmap is for you!

On the other hand…

If you are looking for a get rich quick opportunity…The Roadmap is NOT for you!

If you are just going to purchase the course and do nothing with it…The Roadmap is NOT for you!

If you’re thinking that you don’t have to put in any work and the money will just start flowing in…The Roadmap is NOT for you!

If So Many People Are Selling The Roadmap, Why Should You Buy From Me?

So glad you asked. 😊

While everyone that purchases The Roadmap has the opportunity to resell it, the thing that sets each of us apart are the additional benefits, experiences, and knowledge each of us have.

For instance, I’ve seen some offer their expertise in course creation, funnels, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Everyone is offering the The Roadmap course with Master Resell Rights along with the FREE community but I want to take it a step further and offer you:

You’re not just going to buy and sell the course, I’ll be with you every step of the way helping you build a profitable blog, rank it on the first page of Google, and turn it into a passive income stream with smart affiliate strategies.

I’d love to be the one by your side during this journey. 

PS. If you still have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me here or leave a comment below. 

Until next post…

Be Blessed,

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