What Are Master Resell Rights

What Are Master Resell Rights?

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What are Master Resell Rights

If you’ve been on Social Media scrolling through your Instagram or TikTok feed and have landed on the algorithm of “make money online”, “side hustles” or even “affiliate marketing”, then I know you’ve been seeing and hearing all about Master Resell Rights (MRR).

I’ll never forget the first time I heard about this way back in 2003 when my dad, who was such a visionary, called me up and told me I needed to look into Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights.

Look at these Google Trends for the keyword “master resell rights” since 2003

Check out the Course that caused almost 15,000 people in August to search on “master resell rights” HERE

Google Trends for Master Resell Rights since 2004

What does master resell rights mean?
“Master Resell Rights (MRR) is a LICENSE, at it’s core, that allows the purchaser to resell the product to their customers for 100% of the profit, as well as give their customers the rights to resell it to their customers.”

He explained it to me like this…

Purchase a Done-For-You (DFY) Digital Product ONCE and Sell it OVER and OVER again with 100% Profits!

Someone else puts in the time, money, and energy to create a product, usually digital products such as ebooks, software, videos, and audio files, and then they offer it to the public who purchases the product along with the rights to sell the product as their own

Imagine this…what course or ebook have you purchased in the past that you absolutely LOVED and learned so much from that you shouted it from the rooftops, told your friends all about it and they ended up purchasing the product from the creator. 

What if, when you purchased that product, it came with Master Resell Rights MRR and now YOU get to add your own branding to the product and sell it as your own at the same price (or higher) and keep 100% of the Profits

That’s Master Resell Rights in a nutshell!

The problem I had and why I never moved forward with purchasing these products is they were subpar. Every course, every download, every ebook, everything I tried was HORRIBLE. It was thrown together just to make a buck and I could not…would not…put my name on any of it.

Plus, a lot of the video courses were done by men and I had no idea how to incorporate that as my own without lying or coming up with some off the wall story. 

It just didn’t feel right to me at the time so I never moved forward with MRR or PLR digital products. 

What are the Different Resell Licenses?

1. Basic Resell Rights & Resale Rights: (Restrictive) You buy the product and sell it but your customer can not resell it.

EXAMPLE: You buy a phenomenal new e-Book, and it comes with basic resale rights. That means you can set up a little digital stand and sell that e-Book. Think of it as selling a book at a garage sale. 📖 But here’s the catch – the person you sell it to can’t turn around and sell it like you did. They can read it, love it, but not resell it.

2. Master Resell Rights & Master Resale Rights: (More Lax) You purchase the product, love it so much, you sell it but you give your customer the (license) master resell rights so that they can turn around and rebrand and sell it too. Typically, with Master Resell Rights, you’re not able to edit or change the product itself, but you can rebrand it with your branding, making it appear that YOU created the product.

EXAMPLE: Say you bought that same eBook, but this time it came with “Master Resell Rights.” Not only do you get to sell the eBook, but the person you sold it to can now sell it for the same price and offer their customers the master resell rights as well. Take it one step further and you can rebrand that ebook to make it look more like what your brand looks like.

By the way, one of my FAVORITE products that I whole heartily stand behind is The Roadmap? It’s an amazing Digital Marketing Course with Master Resell Rights that will teach you everything you need to build, grow, and scale an online business. You’ll definitely want to check that out if you really want to build an online business! 😉

3. Private Label Rights (PLR): (Complete Freedom) This gives you FULL on rights to be able to rebrand, edit, and sell to a customer so that they can do the same thing to make it their own.

EXAMPLE: Enter the world of customization! 🎨 With PLR, imagine buying a plain white T-shirt. Not only do you own the T-shirt, but you can also doodle, paint, or jazz it up however you like. Got an eBook with PLR? Go ahead, rewrite the first couple of paragraphs, slap on a new title, and voila! You’re the author now. Cool, right?

Which is better? Master Resell Rights (MRR) or Private Label Rights (PLR)

It’s the showdown between MRR and PLR 🥊

I can’t stand it when I ask my husband a question and he answers it with, “It Depends!”

But on this question I’m gonna have to go with “It Depends!”

The reason being, it all depends on YOUR needs and wants. 

If you want a higher quality digital product that has everything that you need and that can benefit your customer, PLUS you don’t want to have to edit anything, then Master Resell Rights will be best for you. 

Now, if you’re looking for something that gives you the foundation where you can build upon that product and truly make it YOURS, with YOUR voice, YOUR branding, and YOU as the author/creator, PLUS you want to give these rights to your customers, then Private Label Rights are best for you. 

Where can you sell these MRR Digital products?

OH! Let’s count the places…

  1. Your Own Website: Set up a dedicated e-commerce site or a specific section on your current website to showcase and sell MRR products. Here on this website I’ve added a Digital Marketing Course called The Roadmap to my product suites.
  2. Email Marketing: Notify your subscriber list about the latest MRR products, especially if they align with their interests.
  3. Online Marketplaces: Sites like Gumroad, Payhip, and Sellfy allow individuals to sell digital products with ease.
  4. Social Media: Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to run ads or promote your MRR products on business pages or groups.
  5. Forums: Niche forums related to digital marketing or the specific industry products can be a great place to promote. Warrior Forum, for instance, has a vibrant community for digital products.
  6. Online Courses Platforms: Convert the MRR content into courses and upload them to platforms like Udemy or Teachable.
  7. Membership and Subscription Boxes: Offer monthly memberships where subscribers/members get a selection of MRR products.
  8. Webinars: Host informational webinars and use the platform to sell MRR products at the end.
  9. Collaborations & Partnerships: Partner with influencers or bloggers in the relevant niche to promote or bundle your MRR products.
  10. YouTube: Create video content around the topic of your MRR product and promote it within the video or the description.
  11. Blogging: Write related content and promote the MRR products within the articles.
  12. Local Seminars and Workshops: For more substantial MRR products or courses, physical seminars can be a unique selling platform.
  13. eBook Platforms: Convert the content (if allowed) and sell on platforms like Amazon Kindle.
  14. Sell on Etsy: While primarily known for crafts and handmade goods, Etsy also has a section for digital products.
  15. Bundle Offers: Products can be sold as a single product or as part of a package.

Remember, wherever you choose to sell, ensure that the platform aligns with the content of your MRR product and your target audience’s interests. It’s also vital to adhere to any platform-specific guidelines concerning selling rights and digital products.

How Does Master Resell Rights Benefit YOU

Master Resell Rights (MRR) aren’t just a buzzword in the digital marketplace; they’re a game-changer! If you’ve ever thought of leveraging the power of content without starting from scratch, MRR is your golden ticket.

Here’s how…

Purchase a DONE-FOR-YOU Product Once Resell It Over & Over Again

Endless Profit Potential:

With MRR, you buy once but can sell many times. It's like having an inventory that never runs out, giving you an opportunity for continuous income.

Total Flexibility:

You can sell the product for personal use, pass on the basic resell rights, or even grant others the Master Resell Rights. This versatility lets you target different market segments.

Save So Much Time:

Skip the lengthy creation process. With MRR, you get ready-to-sell products. That means no late nights brainstorming, writing, or designing.

Your Branding:

Although you can't edit the product, most MRR licenses will allow you to brand them as your own. It's an instant boost to your professional image without the heavy lifting.

Build Your Audience:

Use these products as incentives, bonuses, or lead magnets to grow your mailing list, engage with your community, or offer bonuses to current customers.

Don’t have a course to sell, time to create one, or the money to host it?

In a nutshell, Master Resell Rights are a powerhouse tool for anyone in the digital space, offering a shortcut to revenue, audience engagement, and brand credibility.

Let’s get into the Nitty Gritty of Master Resell Rights (FAQ)

Typically, no. To modify content, you’d need Private Label Rights (PLR). Always check the product’s license terms for clarity.

Some products may have a minimum price stipulation, while others might not. It’s crucial to read the license agreement for such details.

Generally, no. Once you purchase a product with MRR, you can typically sell it as many times as you want without additional fees. But again, always check the specific license.

Often, yes! However, the specific rights can vary, so always consult the product’s licensing terms.

The creators and sellers should provide you with a license certificate or documentation that proves you have the rights to resell the product.

Absolutely! Many entrepreneurs and online businesses thrive by leveraging MRR products. It’s all about how you market and position the product.

Like any product, they can. It’s essential to offer fresh, relevant content. Regularly update your MRR product portfolio to meet current market demands.

Unless specified in the license, typically you’d need PLR (Private Label Rights) to make such modifications. Always consult the product’s terms.

One of the common mistakes to avoid with Master Resell Rights is neglecting to thoroughly read and understand the terms of the license, which can lead to potential legal issues. Additionally, many overlook the importance of adding value or differentiation to the product, resulting in reduced sales due to market saturation.

Master resell rights typically last indefinitely, allowing the holder to sell the item under their name for as long as they wish; however, the duration can vary in some cases, so it’s crucial to check the specific terms for any limitations or stipulated ways of use.

Remember, always refer to the specific terms and conditions provided with each product. This will ensure you’re in compliance and set up for success!

Where Can You Find Master Resell Rights Products to Sell?

Now that you know what Master Resell Rights are I am sure you’re final question is “where do I find these products, with master resell rights, that align with my brand/niche, Audrey?

There are three main sites that have been around for at least 5 years or more that have a slew of products you can choose from.

They are:

  1. MasterResellRights.comBeen around since 2006
  2. IDPLR.comBeen around since 2012
  3. BuyQualityPLR.comBeen around since 2014
  4. PLRDatabase.netBeen around since 2017

If you couldn’t find products that fit your niche on any of these sites the next best thing you can do is to search Google to see if there are any products out there.

Head over to Google, type in “your niche + master resell rights products” or “your niche + mrr products”

I have a niche website that is around the poem “Footprints in the Sand“.
Since this site is centered around faith in Jesus Christ, I would look for MRR (or even PLR) products that would benefit anyone that visits my site. So I’d head over to Google and search for “christian master resell rights products” or “christian mrr products” and look at each of the sites the come up.

Try it with your niche and see if there are valuable digital products you can start selling on your blog, email campaigns, and social media sites right now to start making money.  

And there you have it! A complete guide to Master Resell Rights and how it all works. 

Still have questions???

Don’t be shy, leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get them answered for you. 

Also, if you have anything to add, please do so in the comments. It’s all about helping each other along the journey of learning about the different Resell Rights. 

Be Blessed,

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What does master resell rights mean?

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