Setting up Google Analytics Account (GA4)

Setting up Google Analytics GA4

1. Head over to Google Analytics Here’s a direct link for you to get to your Google Analytics. 2. Click on Create Account If you have not already created an analytics account then this is how you do it.  3. Name the account This will be your main account so you can name it your business […]

Website Usability – Give Your Visitors The Best User Experience

Website Usability Giving Your Visitor the best User Experience

Website Usability – User Experience (UX) – SEO Oh My! Google is always emphasizing in all of its update announcements how important it is to provide a top-notch user experience for your website visitors. By capitalizing on several of the following Ranking Factors Google has like: Pagespeed – how fast does your site load?  (especially […]

Service Based Business Marketing

Online marketing for Service-Based Businesses

Calling all Online Service Based Business Owners  (Coaches, Virtual Assistants, Web Designers, Course Creators) As service-based businesses grow in popularity, more and more entrepreneurs are looking for ways to effectively market their services. There are many traditional marketing strategies like joining groups, placing ads in local papers, cold calling, mailers, etc., but there is also […]

Beginners Guide to How Affiliate Marketing Works

What is Affiliate Marketing - A Beginners Guide for the non techies

It’s always humorous to me to see the look on my friend’s and families’ faces when I share with them what I do for a living. When I tell them I do affiliate marketing I get the proverbial deer in the headlight look. 🙂 But then I go on to explain how affiliate marketing works […]

How to Get Positive Reviews Flooding In 7 Guaranteed Ways

7 Guaranteed Ways to get those reviews

I think every business owner, at one point or another, has asked the question, “How to Get Positive Reviews?” What if…just for a moment…you stepped out of your shoes as a business owner and stepped into the shoes of a customer? But you’re not just any customer, you’re a customer of your business and asked […]

How to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO With This Easy to Follow Checklist

How to Optimize Blog Post for SEO

You’ve done your keyword research and found the perfect long tail keywords that have high search volume with low competition. You’ve written your blog post with your ideal client in mind targeting one of those keyword phrases. Now it’s time to learn how to optimize blog posts for SEO and get that post ranked on […]

How to do SEO Keyword Research – Step by Step Tutorial

How to do keyword research

Use the keywords your potential clients are using I’ve been doing Search Engine Optimization SEO since 1999 and the one thing that has held true this entire time is that keyword research is your foundation. If you are a beginner to SEO a keyword or keyword phrase is simply what your potential client is typing […]

What is a Blog and How Does it Work

What is a Blog and how does it work

I always like to explain a Blog as a Journal of sorts. It’s a list of journal entries, called posts, you write that show up on your website in reverse chronological order. Each Blog Post has its own name and topic that you write about. Before we move on let’s define some of the other […]

Facebook Live Video Checklist

Facebook Live Video Checklist

Have you ever gotten off of a Facebook Live Video and thought of ALL the things you didn’t say and knew you should have? Wish you had a list right in front of you so you could remember all of it? Yeah, well guess what? Here I am this Online Marketing Strategist that gives my […]

You Might be an Entrepreneur if…

You might be an Entrepreneur if

When you look at the definition of an Entrepreneur you might think to yourself, “Oh heck no, I don’t want that sort of responsibility!” But then you realize there is so much more to being an Entrepreneur than just the meaning of it. The definition of an Entrepreneur is – a person who organizes and […]