How to send a private message on Facebook

How to Send a Private Message on Facebook

UPDATED FOR 2019: To send a private message on Facebook is super easy…once you know-how. 😉 I’m going to cut right to the chase and show you how you can private message a friend. But then don’t leave the page until you read below it because I want to share a little secret with you […]

FB Influence Review – The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide

Product Review: FB Influence Website: Price: $97 Owners: Andrea Vahl ~ Sean Malarkey Overall Ranking: 10 out of 10 (Updated Review – August 2015) Before I begin this FB Influence Review I feel that I need to let you in on a little bit about me. I have been doing Internet Marketing since 1999 I graduated Valedictorian of […]

How to earn money in Blogging – When just starting out

One of the questions I get asked all the time by family and friends is how can they earn money in blogging? They’ve heard about blogging, some have even created a blog, picked a theme and have content written but just are not sure how to monetize it.  I figured I’d put together a quick […]

How to Add Image to WordPress Post

How to Add an Image to Wordpress Post or Page

I put these step-by-step instructions together for some friends of mine that have a website on how to add an image to a WordPress post or page. I know how frustrating it can be to just add a simple image so hopefully with this tutorial it will make it a lot easier for you. To begin, […]

How to Make Your Own Free Website

Did you ever think that one day you would be able to make your own free website, do it within 3 clicks, under 5 minutes and have access to thousands of Free web designs? If you would have asked me this questions 10 years ago I would  have told you that you’re nuts and there […]

Create Compelling Content for your Blog

One of the many things I struggle with is creating compelling content for my blogs. I have 5 of them altogether and I’m not going to lie, it can be a very daunting task to come up with compelling content for each site. When I came across this infographic on “22 Ways to Create Compelling […]

What is the Vine App and how can it help your Business

Have you heard about it? If not that’s okay, you soon will! The Vine app is a mobile service that allows users to capture 6 seconds of their life with friends, family, events and their surroundings through video. It then takes these short videos, puts them together and loops them into one 6 second video. […]

Beginners guide to Facebook (2013)

In this guide you will learn what your timeline is, what are notifications, private messaging, how to search for people, sending & receiving friend request and much more. Let’s face it…Facebook can be downright confusing when you first sign up. In this beginners guide to Facebook I’ll cover the basic anatomy of Facebook. Gone will […]

The Guru FREE Zone

When you hear the word Internet Marketing Guru what comes to mind? Here are the first 5 things that come to my mind (in this order I might add): Scammer A Prideful, Arrogant person Someone that is untouchable and unreachable Someone that might know a few things about Internet Marketing (Depending on who it is) […]

Allow people to Follow your public updates on Facebook

Why would you want to allow people to follow you on Facebook? What happens when you receive a “friend request” from someone you don’t want to give access to view everything on your personal profile but wouldn’t mind sharing some things with them? This happens all the time with: Celebrities Journalist Politicians Business Professionals …and […]