Facebook Seen Feature: More people see it than you think

The “seen by ” feature within Facebook Groups gives you the opportunity to see who has viewed your post within that group.

The thing is…more people are seeing it than not. It just all depend whether they take an action on that post or not.

Think no one is “seeing” your post in Facebook Groups? Think again!  Just because they are not in the “seen by” list within your group doesn’t mean they didn’t view it.

Find out why the members of your group may be seeing your post and just not responding.

I have a YouTube Channel where I upload video tutorials  that shows the complete newbies how to use the different Social media Sites. It was on one of these videos that I received the following question prompting me to investigate the situation. (I feel like an online detective lol)

Facebook Group seen by question

That number really seemed low to me and I honestly had no idea why only 2 people would see a post that had 77 members in it. I did some research and this is what I found.

You will NOT see the “Seen by” feature if your group has 250+ members. Crazy, I know but this is just how Facebook has it set up.

Whether you get paid to do Social Media, or you own the group, it’s nice to know that your posts are being seen by your members. 

Top 3 reasons people are not seeing your post in a Facebook Group (pay attention to #3)

1. They have their notifications turned off for that group – Each of us have the ability to turn off notifications within groups we are apart of. To do this click on the Notifications tab at the top right and then you can choose to receive notifications on All Post, just your Friends’ Posts or turn them off altogether.

If members in the group turn it off altogether then they don’t know when you post, therefore never “seeing” anything.

Facebook Group Notifications
2. Members are just not logging onto Facebook – I know it sounds crazy but I am a part of several groups that have members that do not log on every single day so they are not viewing the post. This may be a very small number but it is possible.

3. They are viewing it in their newsfeed and not taking an action on the post – This  shocked me and was brought to my attention by my very smart sister Melissa. I was talking to her the other day about this question I received and she told me that if she does not have the time to respond or can view the post in her newsfeed and doesn’t have to respond she stays clear of the group and that post. In doing this her name does not appear in the “seen by” list.

So I had to try this out. I asked her to post something in our Immediate Family Group, which by the way has 22 members. She did and I saw it come up in my newsfeed but I did NOT click on it or take any other action. I let a few days go by so that other family member’s names would show up on the “seen by” list.

Facebook says it was Seen by 9 but I know for a fact that some of our family members were online at that time and saw the post in their newsfeed but never took an action on it. The 9 that saw it either clicked on the link, liked it or commented on it.


I went to visit the group this morning and now it shows that it was seen by 10 and my name has been added to the list.


And you thought nobody was reading your post. lol Turns out a lot more are seeing it but just not responding.

So now that you know how to stay off that “Seen by” list will you? I know for me, if I’m not ready to respond I’m not taking any action on that post until I can. Lord knows I don’t want to offend anyone or upset anyone unintentionally.

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