Allow people to Follow your public updates on Facebook


Why would you want to allow people to follow you on Facebook?

What happens when you receive a “friend request” from someone you don’t want to give access to view everything on your personal profile but wouldn’t mind sharing some things with them?

This happens all the time with:

  • Celebrities
  • Journalist
  • Politicians
  • Business Professionals

…and many others!

What if you are a business professional and don’t really want to have a Fan Page on Facebook but would love to share your business with others?

When you give people the opportunity to “Follow” you on Facebook you get to control what they see and what they don’t see. You’re able to build a relationship with people that have the same interest as you but not give them access to your entire life.

Start allowing others to follow you

step1Click on the wheel located at the top right and then click on Account Settings



step2Next click on Followers located on the left hand side of the screen



step3 Allow people to start following your post by simply clicking the box. Keep in mind that YOU have control over what these followers see.
Once you click on the box you will be given the opportunity to allow anyone to look up your timeline in public search engines and determine who can comment on your public post.


Now that you have allowed Followers, you will be able to share only the post that you choose to share with them and build up relationships with others that share your same interest.

How do I share post with my Followershow-it-works

Whenever you post a status you have the control to share it with just your friends or make it Public so that your followers can view it also. (NOTE: The next time you share an update be sure to check who you are sharing it with. Facebook keeps it on the last persons you shared your update with)

Out of curiosity…have you allowed others to “Follow” your public updates? Why or Why not?


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