How to Find a Profitable Niche Market

What is a Niche Market

A Niche Market is basically a highly, targeted portion of a much larger market.

finding-a-niche-market1For example: Let’s say you love to garden and you’re really good at it. Your plants always seem to do so well and your friends, family and neighbors are always asking you to help them grow their plants. They are seeking your knowledge with any tips you can give them. Your niche market would be “Plants” which is a subset of Gardening.

Another niche market within gardening could be a tool you use that makes gardening so much easier. You could write a review of that tool, maybe do a comparison with a similar tool and help your readers decide on the perfect garden tool.

For me, it’s about finding that one thing you are passionate about whether it is a service or a product and by sharing your knowledge and experience through your website you are able to market to others that share the same interest.

Start with an idea

I read this blog post within the Marketing Community I am a part of [you can check it out here] and Wendy got my juices flowing. She shared with us how she takes a little book with her everywhere she goes. While at the mall one day she did some “market research” of her own and when she got home she started researching everything she saw.

Well, I thought that was a wonderful idea so off to the mall I went dragging my daughter and her boyfriend along. I gave them instructions on how to do market research and boy they caught on real quick.

While at the mall my daughter noticed a lot of people in the piercing place and majority of them were looking at belly button rings. She turned to me and asked, “Would belly button rings be a good one?”

UHHHH, Yeah!!!

We jotted down some other “possible niches” shopped a little bit and came home so the researching could begin.

Stop spinning your wheels and find your Niche

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing I can almost hear what you’re saying right now…
This all sounds great Audrey but I have NO IDEA where to begin to find a niche or even how to think of niches.

No Worries, I’m going to help you.

#1 Dummies (
We’ve all seen them, the little yellow books that say “So and so for Dummies”. Well guess what? They have already done the “market research” for you. They are not going to print books that they know are not going to sell and that people are not looking for.

Let’s head over there right now and see if we can’t come up with a couple niches.

NOTE: Make sure you go to the Store on their site (can be found at the bottom of page) this way you are looking at only the books that have gone to print.

I chose Games and a list of books came up and the one that caught my eye was Brain Games. So let’s go with that. I head over to Google and search on “popular brain games” and found the following niches:

  1. Sodoku
  2. Mahjong
  3. Free Cell
  4. Checkers
  5. Chess

#2 (
Here is another awesome place to find thousands of niches. As a matter of fact I HIGHLY recommend you follow this free tutorial on How To Reveal 590,000 Niches in Minutes
For right now let’s just go with the gardening idea. I searched through the Home and Garden Category and found these 5 niches right off the bat:

  1. Garden Accessories
  2. Garden Furniture
  3. Garden Tools
  4. Plants
  5. Water Gardens

#3 Your Brain

Yep, believe it or not that brain of yours holds a plethora of niches that are just waiting to be unlocked. When you are out and about start taking notice of what people are wearing, what are they doing, what are stores selling out of.

If you must take a little book with you like I did and jot things down so when you get home you can start researching.

Now that we’ve got the juices flowing and you’ve got some ideas for a niche market it’s time for the fun part…RESEARCH!

In this next training you’ll learn how to do effective keyword research to:

  • determine what keywords are being used to find your niche
  • the number of monthly searches being performed
  • how much competition you are up against and if it’s worth it to continue

If you still have any questions or are not sure if something is a niche drop me a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Got any other ideas of how to find a niche market? I’d love to hear about them. We never stop learning and if we can learn from each other then we are both that much smarter.  🙂


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