How to Get Positive Reviews Flooding In 7 Guaranteed Ways

I think every business owner, at one point or another, has asked the question, “How to Get Positive Reviews?”

What if…just for a moment…you stepped out of your shoes as a business owner and stepped into the shoes of a customer? But you’re not just any customer, you’re a customer of your business and asked to give a positive review for the product or service you just purchased. 

What would prompt you to write that review?

If you’re a blogger promoting your products or services or even a business owner with an online presence you already know how important it is to get those 5 Star online reviews.

I mean to rank your local site in the map pack on Google you need lots of reviews and those reviews need to be 5 stars.

So what brought this post on?

I was recently on the hunt for a mouse pad when I ran across this Desk Pad on Amazon. You see, I create YouTube Videos for a few of my channels and the mouse was so loud on my desk that the playback was horrible because of the sound.

I found the perfect one that allowed me to put my keyboard, mouse, microphone, iPad, and the all-important coffee mug on it. The biggest plus for me…it had my branding color.

So I purchased it, got it the next day and all I can say is WOW, what a great product!

But, you are not here to read about a product review.

What made me rush to my computer to write an Amazon Review for this seller?

Here is the note that was sent with the product both front and back. 

How To Get Positive Reviews
How To Leave a Review

My goodness did this tug on my heartstrings and make me want to support this Momma of 2. Then it hit me…why not share with other online business owners how they can get their customers running to the computer to write them 5-star reviews too.

This list is going to be a bit different than the ones you’ve probably read before. I’m stepping out of my shoes as an Online Marketer and walking in the shoes of a customer and I want you to do the same as you read on.

1. Ask and Ye Shall Receive

The first thing you have to do is ask! A lot of business owners just assume that their customers will go on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or any of the social sites and leave them a review.

For the most part, this is not how it works. Although if it happens to you I’d be thanking that customer over and over again. 😉

For Brick and Mortar Businesses:
If you are a brick and mortar store ask them when they are checking out how their experience was? If it was positive, ask them to leave you a review on the site you need the review on. Or ask THEM which site would be best for them to leave the review on.

Not everyone has a Yelp account or even a Facebook account.

Offering Services Online:
If you are an online business offering services follow up with your client in a timely fashion and ask how their experience was. If they respond back with a glowing review, thank them and ask if they wouldn’t mind copying and pasting that as a review to one of the sites. See how that worked? 😉

Offering Products:
Just like this mat, ask for the review within the marketing material you send out. That thank you card, add a request to it asking if they would leave a review if they are happy with the product. Also, let them know how appreciative you are of their purchase and if it was not all they were expecting to please contact you ASAP so you can make it right.

You can also ask for that review when the item has arrived or maybe within the first 24-36 hours. This way it gives them time to try it out, depending on what that product is of course.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that YOU know YOUR customers better than anyone.
YOU know YOUR product/service better than anyone.

Trust YOUR gut and experience to tell you when to ask your customer for that 5-start Review.

2. Appeal to the heart

Just as this Momma of 2 appealed to this momma of 3 plus being a woman Entrepreneur and stating the facts that if she doesn’t get the reviews than her business will have to go away?

Nope, I’m rushing to my computer to make sure this Momma is still in business.

Of course, this won’t work for everyone because each of us is unique and different. For my husband, I read him the thank you note and request to write a review and the first thing he said was he felt like it was a scam. Lol

3. Follow-Up

“Diligent follow-up and follow-through will set you apart from the crowd and communicate excellence.” – John C Maxwell

I love this quote by John Maxwell because it is so true.

Think about the last time you received a follow-up to a purchase you made or a service you paid for. But the follow-up was a sincere follow-up and not one that just wreaked of give me your review.

What was it that made you feel like they were sincere? Think about that and use that for your customers.

Also, ask them how XYZ product/service has made a difference in their lives? Ask if it would be something they would recommend to their family and friends?

If yes, THEN ask them if they wouldn’t mind leaving you a 5-start Review so that others can experience what they are experiencing with your product/service.

The PERFECT TRIFECTA for asking for a Review:

4. Ask for a review at the Right Time

I’m attaching a screenshot of an email from a company I purchase a lot of crafting material from and one that I’m a part of their affiliate program.

Example of company asking for a review

I ordered these items a week earlier and had gotten it in the mail about 5 days prior to this email. Plenty of time for me to get to crafting and use the stuff I had ordered.

You do not want to send for a review of something you know is going to take a little bit of time to unpack, maybe put together and really get a feel for it.

I can honestly say when I get an email from a company asking me to review their product or service before I’ve even had the time to open it or learn it…to me that’s rude!

Once again, it comes back to you knowing your product/service and knowing your customer’s actions once they purchase from you. Use that gut instinct and feedback from them to ask for those positive reviews at the opportune time.

5. Make it easy for them to leave a comment

Take for instance the above email, you notice how they linked each product right to the product I could leave the review. I don’t have to go searching for each one and it gives me an opportunity to even pick and choose which one I want to leave a comment for.

6. Use the right wording

Notice in the above email where it says “Invitation to Review Products You’ve Recently Purchase”

That word Invitation just invokes this feeling of being special enough to be invited somewhere or to do something. I thought it was BRILLIANT how they used that to ask me to review their products.

Did I take them up on the invitation? You bet I did! With the easy to follow links they provided and the special invitation sent at the right amount of time, it was a perfect trifecta.

7. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

Yep, it’s the golden rule and one I whole heartily believe in. You reap what you sow, or others may say karma, but this is true no matter what you believe.

When was the last time you left a positive review for a business?

I’ll admit, I don’t usually write reviews. I get the product in or use the service and like most people, leaving a review is the furthest thing from my mind.

But ever since I’ve made a conscious effort to start leaving reviews for others, guess what has happened?

You got it! I’m getting a lot more reviews on my sites now.

I know number 7 is not the typical marketing thing to say but I’m not your typical marketing person either. 😉

So, there you have it!

My list of 7 ways to start getting those positive reviews flowing in for 2020!

Of course, I’d love to hear from y’all out there. What are some ways that businesses had you running to the computer (or wanting to run to the computer) to leave them a positive review?
Sharing is caring so let us all know in the comments section below.

Be Blessed,

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