What is the Vine App and how can it help your Business

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vine-app-logoHave you heard about it?

If not that’s okay, you soon will!

The Vine app is a mobile service that allows users to capture 6 seconds of their life with friends, family, events and their surroundings through video. It then takes these short videos, puts them together and loops them into one 6 second video.

Short and sweet are these videos but can I just say they are some of the most creative videos I’ve seen. It’s no wonder the Vine app was acquired by Twitter. 😉

Check out my very first Vine video (I have a long way to go but hey, I had fun)

5 Effective ways to use the Vine App for your Business

red-number-1 Get creative with your videos: Let’s face it, a creative video will go so much further than a video of you telling everyone how great your business or product is. The more creative…the more shares. Oh and when I say get creative I mean something like this…

Example of a Creative Video:  
 Hashtag your Videos: Hashtags are a great way for people to search for videos that have a common interest and can start conversations.

For example, this is the time of year for Graduation so if I owned a product or service that catered to Graduations, such as a gift of some sort, then I could make a video and use the hashtag #graduation. Anyone that searched on or clicked on that hashtag would find my video and it might lead to a sale. 😉

Example of Hashtags being used:

Have a contest: Invite followers to make a video of your product or service and the video with the most tweets/re-shares wins a sweet prize. Social Media is all about engagement and what better way to engage then by giving your fans the opportunity to get creative and have a chance to win something. We all love FREE stuff don’t we? Also, keep in mind that the winning video could be used in your other advertising campaigns such as television, Twitter, Facebook and so on. Introduce a New Product or Service: Use the Vine to announce new products or services you have coming up. Imagine the possibilities of teasing 6 second videos up until the moment you do your great “reveal” or you can just reveal it right when it comes out.
Example of an Introduction to a new product
Create short “How to” Videos: It’s time to get real and face reality…our attention spans have been shortened and we can only handle  6 seconds of video and 140 characters of text. 😉 No, but really, we are looking for quick ways to get the information or solutions we need and then we’re on to the next thing. So, if as a company you are able to use a 6 second video to help someone with a problem they are having then you will be come superman in their eyes. Well maybe not superman but darn near close.

Example of a great “How to” video by Pepsi:
One thing to keep in mind when creating video for your marketing strategy is you only have 6 seconds to tell the story. Make sure you define your story and the end goal before you start your mini production. 🙂

Oh yeah, and it’s still okay to be spontaneous and have your only goal set to just having fun. As a consumer I love to see brands just being real and having fun. So let your hair down and have some fun on these videos as well.


What sort of cool things have you been seeing from brands on the Vine? Got any more ideas on how businesses can use the Vine for their marketing campaigns? If so I’d love to hear about them.

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