Why I joined Wealthy Affiliate University

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

You see I’ve been in Internet Marketing since 1999. I use to do Search Engine Optimization back when Google didn’t exist and it was Lycos, AltaVista, LookSmart and iWon.  Oh and when we were still on a dial up network. LOL

My how times have changed…and so have I!

It was in 2006 that I lost my mom, my best friend to cancer and after going through the grieving process I really wanted to focus on doing something that I loved and that was Internet Marketing. Life is just too short to not go after your dreams.

I loved what I did in SEO and always wondered if there was a degree program out there that I could work towards. I found that program at Full Sail University in 2009 and in February 2011 I graduated Valedictorian of my class and walked away with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Internet Marketing.

After about the 18th job rejection I decided to join forces with my sister, who has been in web design since the beginning of the Internet, and we went into business together.  We’ve been successful in our business and have helped hundreds of clients increase their business but something I kept hearing this voice in my head saying Affiliate Marketing.

That voice would be my fathers. Lol

My Dad has always been in to computers. He helped build the first Intranet for the military and has always pushed us 6 kids into the computer world. My sister and I are the only one’s that followed in his path. Needless to say from the very beginning, even back in 99’ he always talked about Affiliate Marketing and how these people were making a killing online. I looked into, put up a drop ship site where I think I made like $100 and decided it was not for me.

Until August 9, 2012, my birthday and the day I lost my older brother to cancer.

I decided that day, at whatever cost, I was going to live out my dreams and do what my very wise father always said to me…. Affiliate Marketing. I was going to give it my all and buy my Dad his dream car before he passes away on me also.

My dad has always wanted a red convertible (he changed it from red to yellow about 3 yrs. ago lol) and I remember praying for God to open up a door for me to be able to walk through and have the money to buy my dad that car.

While doing research about Affiliate marketing I happened upon Wealthy Affiliate University and realized I had looked into it a couple years ago but decided against it because I thought it was another scam.

I really could kick myself in the butt right now. But…I didn’t know the quality of people that were in this community until I took the plunge and signed up for it.

Now I am one step closer to buying my Dad that car and of course giving my husband the opportunity to sell his business and golf all day long. 🙂

To be honest, the last time I had this bulldog tenacity was when I signed up for college. I graduated Valedictorian and received 12 course directors’ awards along with the Advanced Achievers Award voted on by my fellow classmates and Instructors.

I have a very positive attitude that my experience with Wealthy Affiliate will be much like that of Full Sail University.

I’m looking forward to this journey and sharing with you all the things I learn along the way.

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