Facebook Live Video Checklist

Have you ever gotten off of a Facebook Live Video and thought of ALL the things you didn’t say and knew you should have? Wish you had a list right in front of you so you could remember all of it?

Yeah, well guess what? Here I am this Online Marketing Strategist that gives my clients all these great ideas for their Facebook Lives and remind them what to say and I just get off a Facebook live with my audience and didn’t take my own advice.

It’s okay, I smacked my own hand and am SMH (shaking my head)

Check out that wonderful Facebook Live Video below

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It was a great message for sure but I left a lot of stuff out of it.

So you know what I did?

I made this list of points to cover in a Facebook Live video so I’ll never miss the opportunity to hear from my audience again. I figured if I needed one then there are more people out there that can use it as a point of reference too.

Before you read the following checklist I do want to emphasize that although so many people use FB Video for marketing purposes it’s important to keep in mind that it’s about engaging with your audience and truly getting to know them on a personal level.

Focus on building that relationship with your audience and your business will grow naturally! 

Facebook Live Checklist

DOWNLOAD CHECKLIST HERE (In case you want to print it out and keep it before you when you go live) 

Introduce yourself – Ya know, just in case someone liked your video and wanted to share it with their friends, it would be great if you at least told them your name. 😉

Tell people what you do, how you can help them, what your business is about – This is especially important if you’re doing a Live Video from your Business page on Facebook. When your video is shared you have no idea who it will get in front of so you want to let people know what it is you do and how could they benefit from your products or services. You don’t have to do this at the beginning of your video but somewhere in the video, you do want to share what it is you do.

Ask if they are watching live or the replay – I’ll be honest, it used to irritate me when anyone asked their viewers to comment with #Live or #Replay if they were watching it later on but…now I get it. It’s actually really cool to see how many people watch your video live or afterward. This will also give you a great screenshot of who watches live and the replay. Depending on what time you go live you can figure out what time of day works best to have people watch live.

Ask where they are watching from – I mean, how cool is it that you have people from all over the world watching you! Wouldn’t you love to know where they are from? I mean, this wonderful world of the Internet has made me an International Coach because a beautiful young, Christian Momma from Malta, found me online, joined my Online Vision Board Workshop and then came into my coaching program. You just never know. BTW – I love to promote other women of faith Entrepreneurs so if you’re in need of an amazing Virtual Assistant check out Abigail’s website here ===> http://www.wofvirtualservices.com/

Ask your viewers questions during the video – It’s all about building that relationship and truly getting to know your audience. It’s hard on Facebook Live because you are the only one on camera and talking but you can boost that engagement by asking questions, answering or addressing the question in your video.

If you have resources or links to share let them know that – If you do have resources or links you want to share with them then let them know you’ll leave a link in the comment section and you can also edit the description of the video once you’re done.

Ask them to share your video – Being very honest and transparent here…this one has been a struggle for me because I always felt like it was prideful to ask people to share my content. But, I have to say that when you are building a God-inspired business and you have the knowledge or a product people need or want it’s amazing to be able to give it to them. There are so many people on the other end of that screen that need/want what you have and if you don’t pop up in their NewsFeed – someone else will. 😉

Share with them how they can get a hold of you – If you have other Social sites, a website, messenger on your business page, let your viewers know how they can get a hold of you to ask questions if they need to. They’ll get a warm and fuzzy feeling (my dad always used this saying) that they can actually get a hold of you if they have a question.

When will you be going Live again – If you have a schedule and you know when you will be going Live again let them know. This will give them something to look forward to and it will hold you accountable.

End with your signature ending and Call To Action – Yep, I always say Love Y’all and Be Blessed but you really need to have that call to action at the very end.  So if you have something you’ve branded or like to say end with that.

That’s a wrap!

What about you? Do you have a list of things you say or do on your Facebook Videos that have really worked and got a lot of engagement? Id’ love to hear about them and maybe I can add them to this list.

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